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Maintenance of a vehicle that has been protected with Color N Drive Ceramic Coating


As we all know, ceramic coating is an amazing form of protection for your car's paint. Our, consumer grade classic and pro KITS last upwards of 24 months, up to 36 months. They'll offer amazing UV protection. They'll add gloss to your paint. They'll add water beading and sheeting properties that are magnificient. And they'll even have some self-cleaning properties, meaning that cleaning your vehicle afterwards is very easy. So it is about about the cleaning and the washing. There are some methods that you need to use in order to properly maintain a colorN- drive ceramic coated vehicle.


 1- Detail your car in the garage. But to the majority of people, wash and detail their cars outside.

So if you do so, never wash your car under the sun and always do so in cloudy conditions. This will prevent products from drying on the paint.

 2- Always use shampoos that are pH neutral and safe for ceramic coatings and avoid shampoos that contain waxes or ceilings on them.

Rinse the vehicle off to remove any loose contaminants from the surface. Start with any snow foam shampoo thats gentle on ceramic coated vehicles. Manually or with foam cannon spread it on the paint. Let it dwell for a couple of minutes so that will loosen up any dirt particles before the actual wash stage.

After three to four minutes of dwell time on the paint, it's time to rinse it off.

 3- Time to wash the paint, as discussed earlier prefer a shampoo at neutral pH in solution with surfactant which features the strength of an alkaline cleaner. This

helps to break down dirt and traffic films in order to maintain the coatings hydrophobic city. Always wash the car using the safe wash method with the two bucket system. And always start from the top and work your way to the bottom.

 Now that the car is properly rinsed, time to dry the paint. Use super absorbent and ultra plush weave towel to finish the drying job and make sure to not to get pesky water streaks. If you can finish it with a car air dryer that would be awesome to blast water away from harder to reach areas.

 The window contours, the mirrors, the grill's headlights and taillights. Also, make sure that you properly clean your door sills and door jams. So next up, as part of the ceramic coating mainte- nance program, use SEALANT X. This is essentially a silica spray sealant. So it has the similar active ingredients as ceramic coating, and more convenient spray on a wipe off formula, you use a super plush microfiber in this case. Spray SEALANT X on the towel and you wipe it on the paint and then you flip the microfiber around to the dry section and you Buff it off. SEALANT X is formulated to maintain the protection and the finished qualities of ceramic coating. Also, it adds gloss, hydrophobic, city and repellent to some extent. In other words, a sacrificial layer that you add on top of existing ceramic coating to protect it further, more. I would recommend this step every two to three months.

Result is going to be impressive. The car is not only super clean, but it's also very glossy.

So to recap the steps that are needed to perform a maintenance wash on a vehicle that's coated with a ceramic coating. It's very important that you start with the pre wash stage and a foam cannon if possible, when you're actually washing the car. Make sure to use a shampoo that's specifically formulated for ceramic coatings. Always use the safe washing methods. So that means the two bucket method. That way you won't have some scratching and marring on the paint while you're washing. OK, so one pro tip, it is not recommended that you use a clay bar when doing a maintenance wash of a ceramic coated vehicle because you might affect the coatings performance. Don't forget that a clay bar is a physical means of decontamination and it is a mild form of an abrasive.

So after washing the car, after the drying stage, use SEALANT X, top spray sealant that contains SiO2. That's one of the active ingredient of ceramic coating. So this way you add another sacrificial layer on top of your coating for extra protection. SEALANT X adds longevity to your coating. Add more gloss and water beating effects as well. You will need do this every two to three months to make sure that your ceramic coating is an optimal performing level.

Result is going to be impressive. The car is not only super clean, but it's also very glossy.