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Everything You Need to Know About Ceramic Car CoatingIn 2019, the average price of a new car is $36,843. Depending on the specific vehicle you have, you may have paid a little less or more.
Nevertheless, you've spent a pretty penny on your car, regardless of what year, make, or model it is.
Currently, you may be proactively doing things to protect your investment, such as driving carefully, washing it regularly, and even taking it in for detailing consistently.
But if you want to protect your vehicle further, then you should look into ceramic car coating. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this protective product and why Color N Drive's product is the best for your car.
What Is Ceramic Car Coating?
Ceramic car coating is a type of product you apply to your car to get an additional layer (or more) outside of its coating of paint; these layers provide a buffer between your vehicle's exterior and the elements.
How does it do this? Through nanobionic ceramic technology.
Ceramic car coating has nanobionic particles that are not only condensed, but also crosslinked. This provides a strong and tough 3D structure that goes all over your car.
When you drive your car around, things like dust, grime, and water spots appear. But with ceramic car coating, this doesn't happen. Instead, those things bounce off, leaving your vehicle looking like new for longer.
Many users of ceramic car coating are satisfied with what it can do for their vehicles. This proves the technology that goes into ceramic car coating is legitimate and works across all types of vehicles.
What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Car Coating?
Now that you know how ceramic car coating works, it's time to find out about the various benefits you can get with it.
9H Hardness
Do you ever get annoyed because you carefully park your car, go run errands, then come back to a scratched door because someone parked next to you didn't take care when they got out of their vehicle?
With ceramic car coating, you won't have that concern anymore. Ceramic car coating can have the strength of 9H, which is almost as hard as a diamond on the Mohs hardness scale (a diamond is 10).
What this means is if your vehicle has ceramic car coating on it, the body won't get scratched up. Unless, of course, someone's carrying a diamond around and purposely dragging it across people's cars.
No Water Spots
The nanobionic ceramic technology in ceramic car coating means the protective layer is hydrophobic. Any water that lands on it will be repelled due to the nature of this technology.
So if it rains, or if you pass through a puddle, or the inconsiderate guy in front of you turned on his windshield wipers, your car will stay looking pristine. Any water that's landed on your vehicle will slide right off, without any trace of those ugly water spots or stains.
Less Buildup of Dirt and Grime
Not only is the nanobionic ceramic technology hydrophobic, but it's also antistatic. This translates to effective repulsion of dust, which is extremely helpful if you live somewhere windier.
Gone are the days where you wash your car, then walk out to a disappointingly dusty vehicle the next day. When you apply ceramic car coating, you can go longer between car washes.
Not only will this save you money, but it can also save you on time. Plus, it'll let you look at a cleaner car for longer, which can give you peace of mind.
Beautiful Finish
Do you remember how your vehicle looked the moment you bought it and drove it off the lot? What if you told you that you can get that look back?
With ceramic car coating, you can. Each application gives your car a high gloss flexible coating. So not only does it look amazing, but it's also shielded from tough weathering.
Protection of Your Car's Paint
As we've mentioned before, ceramic car coating has a strength of 9H. This means whenever you're out and about, your car's body won't get dinged up from other careless people or a small accident you may have.
But not only does ceramic car coating safeguard your vehicle's paint from chips and scratches, but it also prevents fading and oxidation. Nothing makes your car look old and worn out faster than those two things!
So long as you keep reapplying these coatings regularly (roughly every 3 to 4 months), you'll keep your vehicle from prematurely aging.
No More Waxing
Considering ceramic car coating gives your vehicle a beautiful protective coating, it eliminates the need for waxing it. This can be a huge relief, since if you do it yourself, it can take hours out of your precious time.
Even if you bring your car in for waxing, you can still benefit from this. You won't have to spend money on waxing, nor do you have to wait around for the professionals to finish the job.
What Won't Ceramic Car Coating Do?
Ceramic car coating sounds like a miracle product, doesn't it? And for the most part, it is. It leaves your vehicle looking like you just drove it off the lot, after all.
However, we're sorry to say, it won't preserve this look forever. This means you'll still have to wash your car every so often.
Basically, ceramic car coating will reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do, but not completely eliminate it. The good thing is, the coating makes it much easier for you to wash your car.
How Do I Apply Ceramic Car Coating?
First, make sure you choose a good time of day and place to apply the ceramic car coating. Avoid direct sunlight, and make sure the outdoor temperature is over 50 degrees.
You also need to make sure you haven't driven your car in the last hour or so; if it's hot under the hood, it may inadvertently cause hastened hardening rates.
Prior to application, you should clean your car, including greasing the hood and dusting the surface. A full car wash will yield you the best results.
Once your vehicle's ready for ceramic car coating, take the pre-treatment solution and spray it all over your car.
Then, put up to 10 drops of the ceramic coating emulsion onto a coated sponge. Once it's soaked, wipe it along your car's body, first laterally, then vertically, using circular motions.
When you're done applying the ceramic car coating, give it around 5 minutes (If you're in 86-degree heat, lower that number to 3 minutes; raise that number to 8 minutes if you're in 50-degree weather). After the time's up, wet the microfiber cloth and wipe all along the car's body.
Immediately after this step, use a dry microfiber towel to wipe your whole vehicle down.
Aftercare Instructions
Make sure you keep your car out of direct sunlight for the next 48 hours. You also shouldn't wash it during this period either, since it can affect the ceramic car coating's effectiveness.
If you wish, you can apply multiple layers using the same steps above. This will give you better results.
Why Use Color N Drive?
We at Color N Drive have been providing consumers like you with the best car products for over 11 years. We invented the world's first DIY touch-up paint technology; this is proof of our dedication to high-quality products.
Our ceramic car coating is the only product that does not need professional assistance to apply. This means you can purchase it and apply it to your car, all without an extra step of consulting with a professional.
Also, other products can harm your vehicle's paint, but there's no chance with our formula. We've poured years into research and development with top experts and technologists.
With robust products, you may be concerned about the chemicals used and how harmful they are to the environment. But with Color N Drive, you don't have to worry about that. We always formulate our products with eco-friendliness in mind.
Safeguard Your Vehicle With Ceramic Car Coating
As you can see, ceramic car coating is worth every penny you spend on it. Most likely, your car is a precious investment, so don't you want to do everything in your power to ensure you get the most out of it?
Do yourself a favor and pick up a ceramic car coating kit from Color N Drive. Within a few applications, you'll see a major difference in your vehicle's exterior!
Ready to make an investment into your car's future well-being? Then pick up our ceramic coating paint protection kit

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